Hello, there. I'm Henrique Simões, Product and UX Specialist with focus on Management

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This is a profile photo from Luiz, it's black and white, Luiz has light skin color, he has a black hair and short black bird, he's looking directly at the camera, there's nothing in the background, just a simple wall.



Luiz is standing for a photo taken beside a wall with the logo from the company Anheuser-Busch Inbev. In the logo it reads beer tech, Ab-Inbev. He has long black hair and no beard, he's using a winter sweater.
Luiz is beside the entrance of Thomson Reuters Company. In the photo he's using a Covid mask, taking a selfie with the Thomson Reuters logo behind him, as well as the secretary, who is also using a mask. She is sitting and focusing on her job.
This is a set of logos for companies Luiz worked for. The logos are from Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Thomson Reuters, Nestlé, Engie, Ambev, Comgás, Nubank, 99, a DiDi company, dasa and infracommerce.

I've been leading Product and Design Managers, Product Designers, Researchers, Data Analysts and Developers in Forbes 500 companies, with teams spread across different time zones and business units, reporting directly to C-level stakeholders, helping build product strategies and implement them into internationally led roadmaps.

Case | Product and UX Strategy and Management

Work presented to Adobe's global director as well as global group product manager on the LatAm and North-America's capabilities and operations of Adobe.com.
Adobe.com is one of the most accessed UX, tech and digital products websites on the planet. With more than 60 high-quality translated versions around the globe and millions of accesses on a weekly basis.

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Adobe BR Product Management

UX articles links

Project for Business Intelligence strategy and Dashboards design

Link to board with project

Project for Mobile delivery and social experiences app

Have  you ever heard of Zé Delivery?  The biggest beverages delivery app in LatAm? This is an early version similar to it, before Zé became a unicorn I was leading teams focusing on UX and product strategy to assess product-market-fit and test out ideas. This is an interactive prototype of an anywhere delivery and social experiences mobile app. The premise is, if you are at the beach, for example, and you want a beverage, you can just order it and use your location and a seller using the seller's app will know where to go. Users can also reserve tables at kiosks, get to know what's happening around them, scheduled events, social experiences and more.

UX design, early discovery, definition, user flows and validation done by me.
High-fidelity UI  Design done by a peer UI Designer, Rafael Zilli.

Rights reserved to Ambev S.A., shared with permission.

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